After painstaking work to create a beautiful tasting meal, the chef garnishes your food with something you do not plan to eat. That last piece is the finishing touch which sets a gourmet dish apart from a plain meal. What is the point of this? The same approach taken when packaging products results in a similar idea making an impression on the consumer. That consumer could be purchasing cereal, underwear, electronics, or fruit and it is always important.

Disposable and Indispensable

boxes and packaging are usually ripped off of an item and discarded for the cat to play with. Before the ripping and tearing starts, however, there is a chance for the company that sold the goods to connect with a consumer. This person might notice a Facebook link or website. He could discover a contest which he enters by subscribing to a company newsletter. He could discover proof that packaging was made from recycled materials. Consumers are particularly interested in this last part with all of the wrapping they dispose of, articles that can be recycled or composted stand out.

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A practical use for specific styles of boxes and packaging pertains to safety keeping the items inside safe from rolling around or falling out in transit and becoming lost or broken. Sometimes items are not protected properly.

Having paid a cheap price does not make up for a slack attitude at the business-end. This company can lament having lost another customer, whereas the firm that paid a little more for moulded casings, extra bubble wrap, and durable boxes keeps clients and remains viable. Opening a box in which items are carefully presented tells customers that a company cares about details, not just cash.


Manufacturers are able to make packing materials that are cheap, sturdy, protective, even environmentally friendly, but also innovative and beautiful. If your item had to share a shelf with ten other similar ones, which would stand out? The one that featured bold colours might win your purchase. Perhaps it would be the box with a built-in handle or designed to look like a wrapped gift.

Companies spend time thinking about their audience. What is the purpose behind this kind of purchase? What are the habits of individuals who make these choices? Many of them are in a hurry. Having to stop and pick up one more thing (wrapping paper or a gift bag) takes up too much time. Besides, paying extra for a nicely wrapped product saves having to shell out for decorative paper and cello tape.


If your item can be removed from boxes and packaging without being destroyed, the package itself (jar, box, or bag) might become the object of a collector. Many labels are artistic in their own right and grace display shelves, remain in keepsake chests, or become useful in other ways.


Selecting a product can come down to the simple fact that one is easier to open than all the others. Cans with ring tops and boxes with perforations are simply more convenient. Your client is probably rushing. Customer satisfaction and consideration win sales.